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Prospect Seeker Case Study

$761,332 Incremental Revenue
Increase in 12 Months with Connect

Our client is a full-service owner, operator & developer focusing on multiple real estate housing verticals including market rate, senior, affordable, rehabs / value-add, & mixed used development across 11 states.   As an early adopter of technology, the company was  interested in how Connect's IP Marketing technology differed from legacy tools and how Connect could help with key properties in their portfolio.   Their goals included increased lease conversions and measurable returns on their ad spend.  

The client chose to implement 6 properties with Connect Prospect Seeker IP Marketing solution and Prospect Seeker Retargeting to maximize the target audience sourced by Connect and to reinforce those prospects visiting the property website from other marketing sources.

Connect guided the client in design and fulfillment of advertising collateral, coordinated UTM codes to compliment the client's GA tracking, and worked with the client to identify both business and competitor target locations. Regular Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) were held to keep open lines of communication and to identify data trends from Click-Through Rates (CTR), the Google Analytics data, and the Connect Match Back Reporting.  

Using the client's applicant data, Connect was able to identify and recommend new property targets to guide the client to add new target locations for increased lease conversion opportunities. 

The client properties are in 6 locations in 3 metropolitan markets ranging from 700k to over 2.8MM residents.  The properties are B+, A, and luxury developments consisting of mid-rise, garden, and boutique lofts with unit counts ranging from less than 100 to over 350 units.  

Client properties are new construction & existing properties, lease-up, stabilized, and in highly competitive urban and suburban sub-markets. 

Check out these results!


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$761,332 Incremental Revenue

199% - 1,299% Property ROI

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$1,556 Average Cost per Lease

790% Total Portfolio ROI

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$23k-$308k Property Revenue

55 Lifetime Portfolio Leases

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