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A Talent Scout for Your Website

Strategic, location-based ads for you open positions.

Scout Job Candidates

Scout job candidates with strategic, location-based marketing to increase your talent pool, filling openings faster with better qualified talent.

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Generate Interest

Advertise sign-on bonuses or other incentives to candidates where they currently work - locally, regionally, or nationally.

Redirect Leads

All Scout HR leads are redirected to your website for review.

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What We Do

Looking for a new HVAC Maintenance Tech
Identify the places where the ideal candidate might work - try other apartment communities in your market or the local HVAC subcontractors nearby. 

Design your marketing message.  HR Scout can provide the ad creatives or use your team's design.

Target locations are associated to individual's devices and the ad serve begins.

Prospective employees see your job advertisement on their devices, engage the ad and are redirected to your hiring website.

Your new hire starts!

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