Connect Consulting

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Strategic Planning

Collaboration with key stakeholders to assess conditions, set priorities, establish common goals, identify action items, craft a communication plan and align resources to achieve intended outcomes. 


  • Development of company and departmental strategic plans

  • Guidance & Execution of existing strategic plans

Interim & Virtual Leadership

Provide organizations with an on-site or virtual interim leader while it prepares and transitions to a permanent replacement


  • Ensure focus remains on performance, personnel, and financial issues

  • Help to identify the skill set needed for successor

  • Provide leadership for dispersed teams, regionally and nationally

Operations & Business Practice

Partner with decision-makers, leaders and leadership teams to ensure operational and cost efficiencies are achieved through careful evaluation of current practices and documentation of new and improved processes and/or systems.


  • Process creation, documentation & standardization of site and multi-site process & standardization

  • Documentation and flow chart of processes 

  • Project based assessments and implementations 

Management Consulting

Providing consulting to leaders or teams on how to add value to its company culture by activating the service principle of “taking care of people and the rest will take care of itself”. 


Team development 

Improved performance