Case Study

Connect Helps Client Realize Increased Website Traffic, Measure

Source Attribution, and Generate Killer ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

In mid-August 2020, a new client in post-renovation lease up began ad serve

with Connect. The client identified approximately 15 target locations for

prospective residents to receive Connect ads. The target locations included

competitor properties, local universities, and local hospital employers.

Connect IP Targeted Marketing converted the target location street addresses to

IP addresses and then served 3 sets of display ads promoting their new

renovation, limited unit availability, and a leasing special to the prospect

audience. All Connect IP Targeted Marketing traffic is redirected to the property

website allowing clients to Own Their Leads and convert traffic through existing


Using the September 2020 lease conversion data from the client, Connect ran

Match Back Reporting for the leased units, analyzing the previous addresses of

the new residents compared to the target street addresses of our ad serve to

identify source attribution.

Match Back Reporting also calculates Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by

calculating the client total ad spend with Connect IP Targeted Marketing and the

associated lease conversions, including lease rates and term.

The Result:

Connect IP Targeted Marketing Delivered

1 New Lease in 45 Days

for a 1,258% ROAS!