IP Targeted Marketing

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Connect drives more qualified leads to your property website.

Your website is your highest lead to lease conversion and your most cost-effective lead tool.  

By increasing qualified user traffic to your website, your most valuable marketing tool is even more effective.  

Connect has delivered measurable ROAS over 1,000% and even over 3,600% for client properties.   


We can help your property, too.

It is a Complex Process but We Make it Easy!

Step 1.  Identify Your Targets, Create Banner Ads, Attach Landing Page 

First, tell us where to send digital ads.  This is location-based marketing, after all!  Want to tell the residents living at your competition about your new renovation?  Done.  Want the office building near your property to learn about walking to work?  We can do that!  Want to find your prospects at the local sports arena?  Yup.  We can do that, too! 


Next, send us your banner ads.   Banner ads have to be great so your message POPS!  If you do not have a creative team or if they are too busy, Connect can work with your team to design digital content with your message and call to action.  


Finally, tell us where to point the conversion!  At a minimum, we need your website, but UTM codes and retargeting pixels can be applied to the campaign to roll Connect IP Digital Marketing into your full metrics.  We can set these up for you or use what your team provides.  

Sample Banner Ad
Where the Magic Happens!

Step 2.  Locations Framed & Converted to IP Address, Ad Serve Begins 

We Frame Your Target Locations.  We take your location based targets and frame the location in our system.  Competitor properties, office buildings, and venues can all be framed!


We Match Your Target Locations to IP Addresses.   As your ad campaign is created, our technology begins to match your targets to IP addresses in real-time!  The campaign will undergo an audit to ensure identity and logos match.  Ads Serve typically begins within 24 hours.


Ad Serve to Your Targets Begin!  Your message begins delivery to your prospect's devices at the locations you target! 


Step 3.  Prospects See Your Ad, Engage, & Your Team Converts

Prospects See Your Ad on Their Desktop.  Your prospects begin to see your banner ads on various websites - in a format where ads are expected and that does not require opt-in.

Engagement Happens.   There are many ways a prospect can engage.  Typically, the prospect will engage the ad through a "click", triggering the UTM code tracking and redirection to your property website.  

Prospects can also convert by repeated views of your ad and turn to a web search or ILS.  We are Top of the Funnel and can track source attribution with any of these prospect conversion tools.


Your Team Converts.  Your fabulous team has no new processes to learn.  No new user names or passwords.  Just more traffic that dovetails into your existing workflow so they can do their best work.

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The Numbers Don't Lie

Step 4.  Results & Reports 

We Track the Ad Engagement.  Our reporting will track the click through rate, measuring direct engagement of the digital ad.  Using UTM codes, your analytics platform can track detailed results such as user acquisition, user behavior, and conversions.


Guest Card Matchback Closes the Loop.  Location based ads mean we know where your message was sent.  When a prospect completes a guest card, as long as you are collecting their street address, we can match back locations that received our ad (for residential ad serve). 

Using the same process, we can identify source attribution even if the conversion is through a web search or ILS, complimenting your other digital ad tech instead of competing with it!


Connect is the only digital ad tech offering this accurate degree of source attribution and you have to be able to accurately identify the source to measure ROAS.





Connect ad tech sends banner ad content to targets based on geographic location.  Because our tech matches IP Address to Street Address at a 95% accuracy, we can really provide source attribution for our ads.  


No other ad tech comes close to our accuracy.  


The only true 1-1 marketing technology.  Connect uses a highly accurate ad serve delivered to a more focused audience to increase conversions minimizing wasted ad spend and converting new leases.  

Other ad tech focuses on clicks, likes, or shares to back into ROI.  While great for measuring prospect engagement, clicks likes, & shares cannot pay your operating expenses. 


Classic ad tech does some things really well.  However, it relies on in-reach by your prospect.  Your prospect has to take action to search a website to hear your message.  

Connect ads are targeted outreach that engages and informs your prospect without requiring anything from them!


Our Top of the Funnel ad tech sends prospects to you.  But sometimes your prospects will see your ad and later go to a web search engine or ILS to search your property.  


Connect builds awareness for immediate engagement or for a later date.  Since we increase your qualified traffic, we compliment your existing market efforts, web search engine, and ILS.